Child Safety

Make it safe


Sigma Blinds fully support the Make It Safe campaign.

If your blinds are to be used in premises where children aged between 0 – 42 months and are likely to have access or be present, the blinds will require the installation of additional safety devices to make them compliant with the Child Safety Section of EN 13120 - We are legally obliged to install these safety devices. 

For commercial premises where children aged between 0 – 42 months are not likely to have access, we can supply non-compliant blinds without these safety devices. This will subject to Sigma Blinds carrying out a Risk Assessment being completed and signed off.


Window Blind and curtain continuous loop cords and chains can pose a danger of strangulation to young children

“Make it Safe” is the BBSA’s child safety campaign for the safe supply, installation and use of window blinds which have a continuous loop cord or chain.

Since its launch, the Make It Safe campaign has pressed for safer window blinds and the promotion of safety for all window treatments.

The Make It Safe campaign has seen:

The BBSA taking a leading role in the development of the European standards for window blinds specifically concerning child safety.

  1. The creation and promotion of a website, retail promotional materials and internationally recognized videos promoting safer window treatments.
  2. The provision of expert advice to regulators and those responsible for standard development, as well as assisting media and established safety organizations to appropriately promote safer window blinds.


The regulations place a legal responsibility on all suppliers and professional installers to:

The Make It Safe campaign is endorsed by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and the Child Accident Prevent Trust (CAPT) and referenced by many other organizations.

  1. Provide safety devices to reduce the risk of any cords or chains forming a hazardous loop.
  2. Test all safety critical items of Internal Blinds.
  3. Test blinds using Safety Devices.
  4. Observe maximum cord and chain lengths.
  5. Provide specific warnings and instructions.
  6. Provide information on packaging and at point of sale.
  7. Fit safety devices when professionally installing Blinds.

Child Safety devices fitted.